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News from 2015

Oct. 21, 2015

Back to the Future Day with GB911

Back in 2009, we wrote a scene for Ghostbustin' 911 in which the Twin Cities Ghostbusters ran into Doc Brown on a case. A friend loaned us his DeLorean time machine, and we brought on a guest Director (Brian Forrest) to help us in planning one of our most ambitious scenes. The result is a child of the 80's dream come to life when Ghostbusters meets Back to the Future!


Watch the scene below, & click here to watch more exclusive content.


Join Springbrook Nature Center in early October as they slice up some fun! They Need Pumpkin Carvers! Reserve a time for your family, scout group, church friends, sports team... any group that wants to have a good time. They supply the pumpkins & the tools, you supply the creativity! Beginners, experts, traditional, outside-the-box... help them decorate their trails & come see the Twin Cities Ghostbusters as we keep the park ghost free!


This family friendly fun event includes:

  • Enchanted Trail

  • Pumpkin Patch Dance with DJ

  • Over 800 Glowing Pumpkins

  • and NEW this year...Fire Dancers!


For more details, check out our events calendar.


Go to for more info on the event, ticket prices & contact info on reserving pumpkin carving times. Carve up some family fun this Halloween!


Pumpkin Night at the Park

Oct. 6, 2015

It's your normal car, on the BIG STAGE!


Join 93X's Josh, Nick and Ali for the 2nd Annual Half-Assed Morning Show “Average Joe Car Show.” The HAMS is yet again assembling the largest collection of regular-guy, everyday cars of the Brotherhood.


SHOW OFF the fast-food grease stains. SHARE the ambiance of decades of flatulence. And BRAG about how your day-to-day vehicle goes from 0 to 60… occasionally.


Classics, supercars, and motorcycles are welcome too…. but this event specifically pays respect to the rusted 1987 Dodge Grand Caravan that (barely) makes it to work and back each day.


It happens Saturday, September 19 from 2pm – 5pm in the parking lot at the Myth in Maplewood. Around 75 cars will be selected to participate in this year’s show, & the ECTO-1D will be one of the more NON-average vehicles on hand.


For more details, check out our events calendar.


Go to for more info on the event & to enter your own car. Don't worry if it's a clunker. Seriously, in this show...the clunkier, the better!


The Average Joe Car Show

Sept. 8, 2015

Ghostbustin' 911 at Crypticon 2015!

The GHOSTBUSTIN' 911 party room has a new home at Crypticon Minneapolis, and we want you to party with us! Crypticon is a 3 day horror/sci fi extravaganza with celebrity guests, Dance of the Dead, costume contests, party rooms, & more! To keep the festivities spook free, the Twin Cities Ghostbusters will have a remote headquaters on-site stocked with our special ectoplasmic cocktails. Test subjects 21 and older can partake in research experiments to help study the effects of these "spirits". Come for the Ectohol, stay because you are having too much fun to leave!


Crypticon will return to the Ramada Hotel by the Mall of America this Oct. 23rd, 24th, & 25th. Come see celebrity guests, such as Michael Biehn (Terminator/Aliens), Denise Crosby (Star Trek: TNG), Michael Jai White (Spawn/The Dark Knight), Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie), & Lance Henriksen (Terminator/Aliens) to name a few.


Click here to get your tickets now. Choose from multiple packages at various prices. Platinum VIP Tickets get you full access to everything, including the Friday Night Platinum VIP Celebrity Meet and Greet

& the Saturday Platinum VIP Dinner Party with a unique horror themed dinner show. All packages at any price (including day passes) allow access the GHOSTBUSTIN' 911 party room.


For more details, check out our events calendar.


Go to for more Crypticon info.


July 19, 2015

The Best Days of Summer return July 2015! The Aquatennial is the official civic celebration of the City of Minneapolis. The Twin Cities Ghostbusters will be taking part in one of the Aquatennial's flagship events, the CenterPoint Energy Torchlight Parade.


Brighten up your summer with the CenterPoint Energy Torchlight Parade. This one-of-a-kind parade will illuminate downtown with bands, floats, and fun for all ages. The ECTO-1D will once again be accompanying the Minnesota Art Cars in the parade, so if you missed us in the Celebrate Northeast Minneapolis parade, here's your chance to come cheer us on.


The parade is free & family friendly. It will take place Wednesday, July 22 at 8:30 PM on Hennipen Avenue from Dunwoody College of Technology to 5th Street. It's one of the year's most popular parades, so get there early and get a good seat!


For more details, check out our events calendar.


Go to for more info.


The Aquatennial Torchlight Parade

July 9, 2015

MN C&C (previously known as Minnesota Cars and Coffee, and Minnesota Cars and Cafe) is a gigantic impromptu car show that runs from April through October, on the first Saturday of each month from 8am – 11am. (Rain or Shine) The event is free, & so are the coffee & donuts!


MN C&C takes place at AutoMotorPlex Minneapolis in Chanhassen. Many garage owners at AutoMotorPlex open their garage doors & welcome spectators to gaze at their wonderful toys & elaborate mancaves. It's quite a sectaculor site, even for non-gearheads!


The ECTO-1D will be there 4th of July weekend along with the 1960's Batmobile, the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, Black Beauty from the Green Hornet movie, & many more exotic vehicles. It's a very family friendly affair, so bring the kids. Check out some hot wheels that morning before catching the fireworks that night!


Parking is limited to a first-come, first-served basis. If you want a prime parking spot, get there early.  They have plenty of on-site & nearby public parking for non show cars.


For more details, check out our events calendar.


Go to for more info.


The ECTO-1D at MN Cars & Coffee

June 11, 2015

Let me tell ya something...Baseball makes us feel good!


The St. Paul Saints have a brand new ballpark, & on Tuesday June's about to get animated. The Saints play the Joplin Blasters as CHS Field hosts Cartoon Night with an homage to classic Saturday morning cartoons. 


What does this have to do with the Twin Cities Ghostbusters? Dr. Egon Spengler from the popular 80's cartoon, The Real Ghostbusters, will be there with the ECTO-1D. Come on out to rub shoulders with him & many other cartoon stars...including Popeye & Bluto, the Scooby Doo gang, & the famous Mystery Machine!


For more details, check out our events calendar.


Go to for tickets and info.


Cross the streams with Egon and help the Saints blast the Blasters!


Cartoon Night with Saints Baseball

May 30, 2015

The first event of the 2015 season, Wizard World Comic Con, was a complete success! We had a blast meeting freinds, fans, & cosplayers of all kinds. Now that it's over, we can focus on other upcoming events, and one has just been added to our line up. Ghostbusters will be showing at an outdoor screening at Linden Hills Park in Minneapolis this July 20th.


Our ECTO-1D & the cast from Ghostbusin' 911 will be on hand for photos with the crowd. Then, at 15 minutes past sundown, the original Ghostbusters will play on an outdoor screen for your veiwing pleasure. Be sure to bring chairs, blankets, or anything else you need to sprawl out on the cool grass and settle in for a spook blasting good time.


Further details for this event are coming soon, so be sure to check out our events calendar for updates.


We're looking forward to seeing you there!



May 4, 2015

We're Going to Wizard World!

Wizard World Comic Con produces pop culture conventions across North America to celebrate the entertainment industry! In May 2015, they're coming to Minneapolis...& the Twin Cities Ghostbusers will be there!


Wizard World's guest list is a who's who of actors/actresses, artists, writers & creative geniuses including Jason Mewes (Jay & Silent Bob), Karl Urban (current Star Trek films), Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), Gillian Anderson (X Files) & the list goes on & on!


Our ECTO-1D & Ecto Containment Unit will be on hand for photos & other fun stuff. Meet Mr. Stay Puft, see the ghosts inside our containment unit, check out clips from Ghostbusin' 911 & more. We will be keeping the Convention Center spook free this May. Don't miss it!


Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis runs May 1, 2 & 3 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. It's a family friendly event with plenty to see & do for the kids. Come meet & greet all your favorite celebrities! Check out out events calendar.


For tickets & more info, go to


Mar. 9, 2015

If you tried to view our ECTO-1D page in the past, you were most likely met with a "Page coming soon" message. Well not any more!


We would like to announce that our information page on our 1963 Cadillac Ambulance ECTO replica is now live! We wanted to include a page to tell the story of how the Twin Cities Ghostbusters found & built their new ride. This new page includes:


  • A breif history of how she went from being the only ambulance/hearse in service in a small Virginia town to a lean, mean ghostbustin' machine.

  • Photos of the build chronicling pre-build, the build itself, & post-build.

  • Photos and breif descriptions of the individual parts that went into turning her into an ECTO replica. And more.


Our goal in creating this page is not just to showcase the car, but to aid Ghostbusters fans & prop builders looking to make their own ECTO replica. If you are putting together one of your own, please contact us with any questions you might have & we'd be happy to help in any way we can.


Click here to visit the ECTO-1D page, & enjoy.


To see the car in person, visit our events calendar.


The ECTo-1D Page is Now Live!

Mar. 3, 2015

New Video Pages Include Exclusives

In order to sort things out & increase upload speeds, we've broken up our video page into multiple sections. The new video portion of includes:


  • A Video page with a special PSA from the filmmakers behind Ghostbustin' 911.

  • An Episodes page featuring full episodes of Ghostbustin' 911, as well as links to special content & audio commentary.

  • A Video Blogs page that contains our series of behind the scenes video blogs with special footage, making-of featurettes, gag reels & more.

  • A Short Films page showcasing our cinematic Ghostbusters fan film shorts.

  • A Trailers page that holds a list of each of the teasers & full trailers released for Ghostbustin' 911.

  • And a brand new Exclusive Video page!!! This new section includes detailed videos of Twin Cities Ghostbusters props, special events, commercials & general behind the scenes stuff we had captured on camera. Watch our halftime show appearence at TCF Bank Stadium in 2009. Take a closer look at our Ecto Containment Unit set. See our Zombie Ammo commercial...and more!


We are always adding new videos, so check back often for updates.

Feb. 24, 2015

We have now added a links section to! This section includes a links page for people we want to thank & support, as well as Ghostbusters groups & fan filmmakers we've done cross-overs with & Ghostbusters news sources on the web. We have also added a branches page with a bulletin board full of collected "patches" from GB branches all over the world!


We want to grow this patch board as big as possible, so we want to add YOUR branch! In order to have your branch added to the board we need the following:


  • The official name of your branch - You must be part of a group. No individual busters will be added to the board.

  • A clean, pro-looking logo for your branch - You can send us an image file or pic by messaging us at our Twin Cities Ghostbusters Facebook page.

  • A web link for your group - If we put you up on the board, we want folks to learn more about you. Therefore, send us a link to either a website or Facebook page for your group. Or Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace...anything you've got! How else are people going to know who they're gonna call?


We have taken the liberty of adding a few to the board already. Check it out, and if you don't see your group on there, contact us & we'll set you up!

NEW! Links & GB Branch Patch Board!

Feb. 17, 2015

High Res Episodes Now Online

To go along with the launch of our new website, we have uploaded high res video files of all seven existing episodes of Ghostbustin' 911 on our YouTube channel. Watch the Twin Cities Ghostbusters cause explosions, burn down houses, and generally screw things up in glorious high resolution!


You've seen our show, but you haven't 'SEEN' it yet! A while back we had to comply with YouTube's very limited uploading parameters. We were forced to compress our show and break each episode up. But now, for the first time ever, you can see all of our episodes uninterrupted and in high resolution, the way we intended them to be seen! Now you can experience all the details that you missed in the first uploads. Did you know there are a few Easter eggs throughout our series that were never able to be seen before now? Watch our series again and get to know the REAL Ghostbustin' 911 crew. We'll take you on an uninterrupted ride along as a camera crew follows around the Twin Cities franchise Ghostbusters. Be sure to watch it on your HD television or home theater setup to experience what it's like to be a real Ghostbuster.


Be sure to check out the video page of our new and improved website. Catch all of your favorite episodes and video blogs in one place. You can also see our list of events around town and have a chance to get your photo taken with the cast and crew of Ghostbustin' 911 at an upcoming event. And remember, 'We're Ready to Believe You!'


Ghostbustin' 911- "Saving the World is an Everyday Job!"

Feb. 13, 2015

We here at GHOSTBUSTIN' 911 are excited to announce the launch of our new website! As the Ghostbusters Fan Film Cinematic Universe heats up, the Twin Cities Ghostbusters wanted to beef things up and create a one-stop site for all TCGB news, events, videos and cross-overs/tie-ins with our friends in the GB community.
Some of the new features included in our new home on the web are:
...and that's just for starters. Be sure to check back regularly for updates & new additions. Thanks for paying us a visit!
GHOSTBUSTIN' 911 Gets a new website!

Feb. 9, 2015