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Video Blogs

Throughout the production of the Ghostbustin' 911, Producer Cory M. Deveney has been hosting a series of video blogs. They cover a variety of topics including behind the scenes fun, gag reels and even an extended directors cut of our scene with Ernie Hudson. Check back often to see what the latest video blog has in store.

Video Blogs

Vblog 11


Video Blog #11
We're Back! Episode 7 is Coming!

On September 30, 2013, we released episode 7. Before that, we released this video blog as an episode 7 teaser. This is the episode in which our 1963 Cadillac ambulance, the ECTO-1D, made it's debut.


Catch the ECTO-1D in episode 7.


Click here to see how it was built.


Video Blog #10
Behind the Slime:
The Sliming of a Rookie

In episode 5, the rookie gets slimed. This video blog is a behind the scenes look at how we created the effects for sliming Will "Freshmeat" Ferguson. Plus, an announcement regarding episode 7 where the crew gets a new car, the ECTO-1D.


Watch the rookie get slimed in episode 5.


Click here to learn more about the ECTO-1D.

Vblog 10


Video Blog #9
Ernie Hudson's Cameo

This video blog explains how we were able to get Ernie Hudson to play Winston Zeddemore in our show. Plus, we include a bonus directors cut behind the scenes clip of Mr. Hudson and the Twin Cities crew. Ernie Hudson is one of the nicest guys we've ever met, & we can't thank him enough for his time & the fantastic job he did in our show. This one goes out to him! Thanks Ernie!


Watch Ernie Hudson's cameo in episode 4.


Watch Episode 4 with audio commentary.

Vblog 9


Video Blog #8
Episode 6 is Here!!!

On March 7, 2011, we released the 6th episode of Ghostbustin' 911. In this blog, the Ghostbusters of Salt Lake City helped us out with a nice little intro & starred in a cameo scene in episode 6.


Watch the Salt Lake City crew in episode 6.


Click here to check out their Ghostbusters fan films on their YouTube channel.

Vblog 8


Video Blog #7
Gag Reel Number 2

In January of 2011, we were wrapping up production on episode 6. As a New Years Day treat on 1/1/11, we released a second gag reel. This one features bloopers from the first five episodes of Ghostbustin' 911.

Vblog 7

On November 7, 2009, we released Ghostbustin' 911 episode 3. This video blog was created to announce it's release and cover a few of the developments within the episode. It also includes a tease for some exciting news about episode 4 involving an actual Ghostbuster reprising their original role in our show.

Episode 3 is Here!!!


Video Blog #6
Vblog 6


Video Blog #5
Ghostbusters Meet the Mafia

This video blog includes a preview scene from episode 3 where the Ghostbusters meet Vincent's uncle Louie, a mob boss with a customer complaint for the crew. The end of this video blog includes a special holiday treat; a Christmas 'dance' performed by Vincent, Ron & Strong


Watch the mob scene in episode 3.

Vblog 5
Vblog 4


Video Blog #4
MicroCon & Free Comic Book Day

In 2008, we began to make appearences at events to plug Ghostbustin' 911. MicroCon and Free Comic Book Day were our first two events, followed by a third at Leif Erikson Park in Duluth, MN. The city screens movies in the park every summer and asked us to appear when they screened the original Ghostbusters. This blog shows highlights from those events.


For a list of our upcoming events, click here.


Video Blog #3

On February 21, 2008, we released teaser trailer #2, the "Ghost Girl" trailer. As an added bonus, we created a behind the scenes featurette on the making of the ghost girl trailer and expanded on it's stars; Sarah French (aka Scarlet Salem) & Nicole Kruex (aka Nikki Homicide).


Click here to watch the Ghost Girl trailer.

Teaser Trailer 2 is Here!!!
Vblog 3


Video Blog #2
Kate Brown:
Ghostbusters' Staff Attorney

Actress Kate Brown originally auditioned to play the part of Becky Forrester. However, on the day of shooting Becky's intro to the crew at the big meeting in episode 4, we decided Kate wasn't quite right for the role and instead created the role of Sarah Charleston, the Ghostbusters' overworked and overstressed in-house attorney, just for her. This blog showcases an alternate clip of her interupting the big meeting at GBHQ!


Sarah makes her official debut in episode 3.

Vblog 2
Vblog 1


Video Blog #1
Ghost Girl Gag Reel

On January 20, 2008, we were shooting our second trailer we called the "Ghost Girl" trailer. This blog is a gag reel filled with outtakes from that shoot featuring our good friends Sarah French (Scarlet Salem) as the frightened party girl & Nicole Kruex (Nikki Homecide) as the ghost girl.


Footage from this trailer was later used as a re-enactment of Becky's story in episode 4.

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