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Exclusive Videos

During the production of Ghostbustin' 911, we've had a number of fantasic fun things happen. We have built many classic & original props, as well as upgraded our exsiting equipment. We've been invited to take part in all kinds of events around the Twin Cities & across the country. We've met celebrities & Ghostbusters fans alike.


This page is a collection of some of those adventures that were captured when cameras were rolling. Take a closer look at our Ecto Containment Unit. See us take the field at TCF Bank Stadium on Halloween 2009 when Goldie Gopher stole the ECTO-1C! Watch our commercials for Zombie Ammo. Check out all the fun we've been having over the years.

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Crypticon 2015 Party Room Video Tour

Take a video tour of the Twin Cities Ghostbusters party room at Crypticon 2015. We had to wait until 4am just before closing time for the room to be empty enough to get a good look. Come see us at Crypticon 2016!


Click here to learn more about our party room.

Crypticon 2015 room tour
Ghostbustin' 911
Back to the Future Day 10/21/2015


The Twin Cities Ghostbusters bump into a familiar face, a fellow scientist a with a crazy invention. Watch what happens when these 80's icons cross paths.


Go back in time and watch episode 5.



in the Aquatennial Torchlight Parade

The Twin Cities Ghostbusters rolled down Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis for our first ever Aquatennial Torchlight Parade during the best days of summer!

Aquatennial Parade
TCF Bank Stadium

The Golden Gophers football team asked us to take part in the halftime show during their 2009 Halloween game vs. Michigan State. The University of Minnesota marching band was doing a medly of music from famous Hollywood Halloween & horror themed films, & they wanted us to do a bit on the field when they played "Ghostbusters". We busted a ghost wearing a Spartans T-shirt in the bit, but we hadn't planned on Goldie Gopher taking a joyride in our car! Enjoy.

at TCF Bank Stadium


Ecto Containment unit walk-around


After Jason Skoby built the Ecto Containment Unit for the show, he picked up his camera & did a walk-around tour of the entire prop. This video gives a behind the scenes, close up look at his handy work & showcases the detail he put into this set.

ECU walk around
Behind the Scenes featurette


A breif video showcasing the ECTO-1C, one of the most intricate props Jason has ever built for the show. This video goes over some of the features of the car and gives you a glimpse of it in action around the Twin Cities area.

ECTO-1C featurette
1950's style Commercial
Zombie Ammo


Our production company, Ice Park City Productions, LLC, shot a 1950's style commercial for our good friends over at Zombie Ammo.

ZA commercial


Are paranormal pests and poltergeist problems plaguing your peaceful household? In the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan areas...who ya gonna call? The Twin Cities Ghostbusters!

TCGB commercial
Prototype prop build


Jason Skoby built these ghost traps back in 2008. He took Real Ghostbusters toy traps from the Kenner toy line, painted them to match the color scheme in the movies & gutted them out to place lights and electronics inside. They later showed up in episodes of Ghostbustin' 911 as the high capacity super traps, most predominately in episode 4.

Ghost Traps
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