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Twin Cities Ghostbusters owe a lot to many great people, organizations & Ghostbusters crews all over the world. Without the folks in the list of links below, we wouldn't be where we are today! Most of them are our friends & fans... & we are fans of ALL of them!


Please take a moment to support them. They work hard at what they do, & they do it well. Some of them are also Ghostbusters fan filmmakers. We've included links to their videos, YouTube channels & websites.

Darkness Radio

Every Monday through Friday 9 pm - Midnight, join host David Schrader as he leads you on a journey into the world of unexplained phenomena with his weekly program: The Darkness On The Edge of Town.

We met Dave several years ago in the Anoka Halloween parade & we're proud to call him & the Darkness crew our good friends. Please support them by tuning in LIVE weeknights on Twin Cities News Talk in Minnesota or streaming at

Zombie Ammo

The ZA Group is dedicated to bringing new and fun range targets and products to make shooting more interesting and offer more variety. Our targets are a great way to introduce new and young shooter's to the sport. All firearms should be handled responsibly and our targets are a fun way to learn.


ZA has been featured in our show as a sponsor of Ghostbustin' 911. Click here to check out a commercial we made for them.

Jimmy's Food & Drink

Jimmy's Food & Drink is a restaurant, bar, and event center. They feature ridiculously good food served in large portions, the best walleye, wings & pizza around, great service, lunch specials, and two happy hours. Take out and catering is also available!


Fans of our show may recognize Jimmy's as the restaurant/bar where Druken Jim ends up in episode 7. Jimmy's is our gang's hangout. Most of Ghostbustin' 911 has been written there!

Costumes Plus

Costumes Plus has the largest selection of costumes and costume accessories in the Twin Cities.

Our products include child, adult and plus size costumes; costume accessories; unique shoes and boots; hosiery; lingerie; wigs; makeup; hats; masks; magic kits; decorations; props and more.


Costumes Plus on Facebook.

Ghostbusters Salt Lake City

When there's something strange in Salt Lake City, who you gonna call? The Ghostbusters of SLC of course! They have the tools and some of the talent. Just make sure you have insurance first.

The Ghostbusters of Salt Lake City put together a fantastic short fan film. Watch it & more on their YouTube channel. They also released their own episode of Ghostbustin' 911!


Ghostbusters SLC on Facebook.

Louisiana Ghostbusters

Louisiana Ghostbusters is a fan-based public service Ghostbusters franchise. They are a fan club with a mandate to help the community, bringing smiles and goodwill wherever they can when someone decides they are who they’re gonna call! They've recently begun a web series of their own. Watch it on their YouTube channel.


Click here to see them in Ghostbustin' 911.

Ghostbusters New Hampshire

The Ghostbusters of New Hampshire are a group of Ghostbuster enthusiasts who build props from the movies in order to do promotional events for charity fund-raising.


They released a GB fan film called Ghostbusters of New Hampshire: Spilled Milk. Watch that & more on their YouTube channel.


Ghostbusters of NH on Facebook.

Alabama Ghostbusters

The Alabama Ghostbusters' primary goal centers around fostering the continual growth of the Ghostbusters fan community in their state. Backed by a growing, open costuming presence, their group plans and executes promotional, charity-driven, and social events for the community. They're ready to believe you!


Watch their web series on their YouTube channel.

Ghostbusters of Minnesota

Ghostbusters of Minnesota is another gang of Ghostbuster fans & prop builders right here in our home state. We first met them years ago when we drove our ECTO-1C & they drove their ECTO-01 out to a Joe's Crab Shack for a meet & greet. We've bumped into them at functions & parades around town ever since & are happy to call them our friends.


GBs of MN on Facebook.

Ghostbusters Fans

Ghostbusters Fans is the largest community dedicated to all things Ghostbusters. Find info on the films & cartoons, shop for Ghostbusters related items, & converse with a huge network of other GB fans online at


Ghostbusters Fans on Facebook.

Ghostbusters News

5 years of bustin'. Your #1 source for news surrounding the Ghostbusters franchise.


Ghostbusters News on Facebook.

Proton Charging

Proton Charging serves one purpose & that is to gather and report all news related to the Ghostbusters franchise. With daily updates on what's going on, from Sony Pictures to fans like you and everything in between, Proton Charging is your one-stop online for everything new about our favorite film.


Proton Charging on Tumblr.


Proton Charging on Facebook.

Ghostbusters Mania

Ghostbusters Mania is a site/blog & non-profit organization dedicated to keeping the passion of the film, Ghostbusters, alive. It encourages users to share video, pictures & their general passion for Ghostbusters in order to unite Ghostbuster fans from all over the world.


Ghostbusters Mania on Facebook.

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