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The GHOSTBUSTIN' 911 party room returned to Crypticon Minneapolis for the convention's 11th year. Crypticon is always our biggest party of the year, & 2016 was no exception! For one weekend, we transformed an entire hotel room into a Ghostbusters firehouse headquarters, complete with Ecto Containment Unit, an open bar & an arcade. Not even a full hotel evacuation during a fire alarm (yep, it happened...nope, not our fault) could stop the party rolling into the wee morning hours.


Check out our past party rooms:




Selfie 1
Ryan bar
Arcade 3
Jen Bob Danielle raffles
GB Group shot 1
Jen and GB group
Dave Wheeler bar
Bobs son ECTO 1
Ash Chris
Vinz ECU
Chris Mulkey Cory
Chucky Lara
Chris Mulkey at bar
Dante Oz
Dante William Katt
Cory and jen raffles
Dave Lara
Dante Ghost buddy
Arcade 2
Bobs son ECTO 2
Monsters group
Hellraiser girl
Chris Mulkey Jen
GBs at bar
creepy nun
GB Group shot 2
Brian Forrest
Cory Katt
ash flirt
Satan bar 1
Leatherface Freddy
Bobs son ECTO 3
fire alarm 1
Selfie 2
Fire Alarm Jen Cory
eyeball head
Fire Alarm
Rick Ash
ECTO Door logo
GB logo-Jen
GB logo-Rick
GB911 Poster
Vern Cory
Hellraiser girl 2
Slimer Jen Raffles
Buster Slimer kids
Slimer Ryan
ECTO group shot 1
ECTO group shot photobomb
ECTO group shot 2
Room 1
Vinz ECU 2
Rick pack
Verne ECTO 1
Rick buster bomb
ZA crew
Jen raffle mistress
Buster Slimer kids 3
Julian Buster
Julian Buster 2
Buster Slimer kids 2
Julian Stay Puft
Julian PKE
Lara puft
Tiny Rick
New busters 2
Lara Vigo
New busters
Lara Kenny
Lee Meryl proton pack
Rick beetlejuice
Lara Zombie
Lee Pirate
No idea
Lee bar
Meryl Kiss
Cory bar
Slimer kid
Lara cross
Rick Flask
Room 2
Room 3
Rick Jen
Party 2
Satan bar
Ryan Slimer 2
Suzi 1
Slimer PKEs
Slimer satan
Tifs gift 1
Tifs gift 2
Stay Puft
Scott Happy Gilmore
Ryan ECU
Suzi face
Arcade setup
Arcade teardown

OPEN BAR! Our bar served adult drinks like Ecto Cooler, Mood Slime, Surly beer & the ever popular, terrifyingly tasty Stay Puft Shot! We also served soda & water. (While our party room is kid-friendly, only those 21+ that provide a valid ID are served any alcoholic beverages)

2 DOLLAR TACOS!!! That's right, $2 tacos. Must we say more?

OUR 1st EVER Arcade & PINBALL TOURNAMENT! This year's room had an arcade! We had Ghostbusters pinball, Iron Man pinball & Pac Man, all provided by D & G Amusement. We also hosted our first ever Ghostbusters Pinball Tournament. The top three players with the highest scores won one of three prizes! (click each image for a description)


The winners of the tournament were:

Mike McCloudPaula Bergstad McCloudBrian Bergstad

Congratulations to all three of you!!!

Raffle PRIZE packageS! We offered the chance to win four jammed-packed raffle prize packages, each with a unique theme:


(See full descriptions below, along with the winners of each prize package.)

Raffle 1


  • Ghostbusters: Answer the Call Extended Edition Blu Ray

  • Handcrafted Ghostbusters "Zuul" terror dog statue by artist Megan Mann

  • The Real Ghostbusters Vol. 1 (five disc DVD set feat. 30 cartoon episodes & a metal collectors case)

  • Set of 5 IDW Ghostbusters comic books autographed by writer/artist Erik Burnham

  • Vinyl Idolz Ghostbusters Dr. Raymond Stantz vinyl figure

  • Hot Wheels Ghostbusters ECTO-1 & ECTO-1A die-cast vehicle 2-pack

  • Ghostbusters Minimates "I Love This Town" 4-pack figure set

  • Framed autographed 8x10 glossy photo of actress Robin Shelby (Slimer from Ghostbusters 2)

  • ECTO-1 replica license plate

  • Ghostbusters 2016 mini poster

Estimated total value = $240+

Ghostbusters (2016) Blu Ray
Terror Dog custom sculpture
The Real Ghostbusters Vol. 1 on DVD
Autographed Ghostbusters IDW comics
Dr. Ray Stantz vinyl figure
ECTO-1/ECTO-1A Hot Wheels set
Ghostbusters Minimates 4-pack set
Signed Robin Shelby (Slimer) photo
ECTO-1 replica license plate
Ghostbusters 2016 mini poster

Michael Harmon

Michael took home the Ghostbusters prize package, which included custom artwork, autographed collectors items & Ghostbusters: Answer the Call on Blu Ray.

Michael is a first time winner of one of our raffle packages.

Raffle 2


  • Set of 2 Bill Murray art prints (original artwork by artist Epyon 5)

  • Bill Murray vinyl portrait decal

  • The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray: A Critical Appreciation of the World's Finest Actor - Paperback book by Robert Schnakenberg

  • Vinyl Idolz Ghostbusters Dr. Peter Venkman vinyl figure

  • 2008 St. Paul Saints "Bill Murray vs. The Sieve" minor league baseball card

  • CelebriDucks "Goose Busters" Rubber Duck Costume Quacker Bath Toy

  • Cinderella Story: My Life in Golf - Hardcover book by Bill Murray

Bill Murray DVD movie collection (10 films):

  • Ghostbusters 1 & 2 (2 disc box set)

  • Stripes (Extended cut)

  • Caddyshack

  • Scrooged

  • Zombieland

  • Groundhog Day

  • What About Bob?

  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (The Criterion Collection)

  • Lost in Translation

Estimated total value = $205+

Set of 2 Bill Murray Art Prints
Bill Murray Sticker
The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray
Dr. Peter Venkman vinyl figure
Bill Murray/Saints Baseball card
"Goose Busters" Rubber Duckie
Cinderella Story: My Life in Golf
Bill Murray DVD Movie Collection

Amber Chambers

Amber won the Bill Murray prize package, which included 10 classic movies for a Bill 
Murray binge watching weekend! Amber is a two time winner of our raffles. In
2015, she won the Ghosts & Monsters prize package. 

Raffle 3


  • Seasons 1-5 of The Walking Dead on DVD (5 box sets)

  • Set of 6 The Walking Dead Lego Minifigures with accessories

  • 28 Days Later/28 Weeks Later Double Feature DVD Set

  • 12" Talking Shaun of the Dead Action Figure

  • Zombies Unbrained: 12 classic zombie films on DVD

  • An assortment of S.L.U.G. Zombies mono-colored minifigures

  • Dawn of the Dead Unrated Director's Cut DVD

  • George A. Romero's Land of the Dead on DVD

  • George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead on DVD

Estimated total value = $370+

The Walking Dead Seasons 1-5 on DVD
The Walking Dead Lego minifigures
28 Days/Weeks Double Feature on DVD
Shaun of the Dead Talking Figure
Zombies Unbrained: 12 movies on DVD
Assortment of S.L.U.G. Zombies
Dawn of the Dead Extended Cut DVD
Land of the Dead on DVD
Diary of the Dead on DVD

Michael Dulian

Michael snagged the Zombies/Freaks prize package, which included a rare Shaun of the Dead talking figure, The Walking Dead Legos & a TWD fan's binge watching dream with seasons 1 through 5 on DVD! Michael is a first time winner of our raffles, but took home TWO of our 2016 prize packages.

(See below) 

Raffle 4


  • Creature Feature 11" x 17" print of original artwork autographed by artist Byron Winton

  • Horror Classics - 50 Movie Box Set Anniversary Edition on DVD

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas double pendant necklace

  • Friday the 13th silicone ice cube tray

  • Funko POP! Rick & Morty vinyl figure - Rick Sanchez with Portal Gun (Hot Topic Exclusive figure)

  • Funko POP! Rick & Morty vinyl figure - Morty Smith
  • Paranormal Activity on DVD

  • Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (25th Anniversary Edition) on Blu Ray

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Complete Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD

  • Bram Stoker's Dracula on DVD

  • Set of 4 metal bookmarks feat. original artwork of Movie Monster icons (Predator, Alien, Terminator & Hannibal Lecter) autographed by artist Jerry Pesce

Movie Monster Icons movie collection (4 films):

  • Aliens on Blu Ray

  • Predator on DVD

  • The Terminator on Blu Ray

  • Silence of the Lambs (Special Edition) on DVD

Estimated total value = $205+

Creature Feature Art Print
Horror Classics on DVD
Nightmare Before Xmas 2 pendant set
Friday the 13th Jason mask ice tray
Rick & Morty - Rick w/ Portal Gun
Rick & Morty - Morty Smith
Paranormal Activity on DVD
Evil Dead 2 - 25th Anniv. Blu Ray
Buffy the Vampire Slayer box sets
Bram Stoker's Dracula on DVD
Movie Monster Icons metal bookmarks
Movie Monster Icons film collection

Michael Dulian

Michael won the Horror/Sci Fi prize package, which included Rick & Morty collectable figures, unique metal artwork of classic movie monster icons & an autographed art print of almost every movie monster you could imagine! Michael is the first DOUBLE winner of our raffles.

(See above) 

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